WTO/Dispute Settlement

Cassidy Levy Kent lawyers assist companies and governments worldwide on the enforcement of international trade rules, including those established by the WTO agreements, regional free trade agreements (such as NAFTA and other U.S. and Canadian agreements), and investment treaties. Cassidy Levy Kent lawyers work hand-in-hand with corporations and governments developing strategies for dispute settlement under these international agreements.

Our work frequently includes analysis of potential disputes for private clients seeking ways to improve their market access in accordance with the provisions of these agreements. We also regularly are asked to prepare submissions and appear on behalf of governments, corporations and groups of companies before panels (such as the WTO’s Appellate Body and dispute settlement panels) in high-profile, politically-sensitive cases.  Cassidy Levy Kent lawyers:

  • help corporate clients to overcome market access barriers or unfair conditions of competition in foreign markets, by devising strategies to get the benefit of  WTO, free trade agreement and investment treaty rules;
  • advise companies, groups of companies, and governments on means to secure market access through the dispute settlement process under the WTO, free trade agreements and investment treaties; and
  • counsel clients on structuring transactions and investments in accordance with the rules under the WTO, and U.S. and Canadian free trade agreements and bilateral investment treaties.

We maintain a varied dispute settlement practice that handles work for countries and companies appearing before the WTO, NAFTA, and other fora as complainants, respondents, and third parties.


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