Dr. Richard L. Boyce

Economic Consultant*

Dr. Richard Boyce consults extensively with Cassidy Levy Kent on trade remedy litigation and customs matters.

Antidumping and Other International Trade Litigation Experience

Over the course of four decades, Dr. Boyce has handled more than 200 cases involving merchandise such agricultural products, lumber, automobiles, chemicals, semiconductors, supercomputers, consumer electronics, household furnishings, steel, non-ferrous metals, and textiles. His contributions include data analysis, management of questionnaire responses, preparation for verifications, shaping of arguments in briefs to the administering authorities and research relating to surrogate values in non-market economy cases. Dr. Boyce has represented domestic and foreign firms, and foreign governments in numerous antidumping and countervailing investigations, administrative reviews, and sunset reviews, as well as GSP applications and Court of International Trade appeals. He has also played a significant role in customs, intellectual property, and tax authority transfer pricing investigations.

Public Service

Dr. Boyce served as the first Chief Economist in the Commerce Department’s Import Administration, where he developed many of the antidumping calculation methodologies that are still in use today.

Prior to working in the antidumping arena, Dr. Boyce served as the Senior Economist for the Council of Wage and Price Stability, Executive Office of the President. He holds a PhD in economics from the University of California at Santa Barbara.

* Dr. Boyce is an independent economic consultant who works with Cassidy Levy Kent in Washington, DC.