Trade Remedies

Cassidy Levy Kent represents a broad range of clients in antidumping, countervailing duty (anti-subsidy), and safeguard actions both at the administrative level and in appellate proceedings in national appellate courts in multilateral fora including the dispute settlement panels convened under the WTO, NAFTA, and a variety of other trade agreements. Our lawyers have advised and represented a broad range of corporate, trade association and government clients in some of the most complex and highest profile trade disputes of the past several decades.

In the area of trade remedies (antidumping, countervailing duty, and safeguards), we have represented both domestic and foreign clients, and have strong relationships with the investigating authorities responsible for these cases. We believe that our strong record of success is attributable to working effectively with our clients as a team to identify issues and to develop sophisticated strategies to achieve business objectives.

Our lawyers also have an extensive record of providing advice and representation to clients in a host of disputes involving the NAFTA, WTO, and other treaties, such as the Canada-United States Softwood Lumber Agreement.

Our attorneys have been directly involved in every major trade case in the last several decades — steel, chemicals, computers, semiconductors, aviation, lumber, autos, consumer goods such as mobile phones and furniture, and myriad others.